Neva, the oldest and leading Croatian manufacturer of cosmetics and toiletries, was founded in 1918 as a small pharmaceutical laboratory named RAVE. In 1948 RAVE merged with Croatian affiliate of Beiersdorf AG (BDF) into a new company named NEVA. Since 1948, Neva is producing leading brands of Croatian market, such as Plidenta toothpaste, Rosal Lip Balm, Rosal cosmetics and Melem.

In 1978 PLIVA, the largest pharmaceutical company in the region, acquired NEVA. In year 2000, NEVA started private label projects that replaced almost 50 years of cooperation with BDF.

In October of 2018, Neva was successfully acquired by Magdis from Atlantic Grupa, making Magdis Grupa the largest regional manufacturer of cosmetics with an impressive portfolio of brands – Biobaza, Plidenta, Melem, Rosal, Rosal [clean], Rosal lip balm, Neva 1918, Pitroid, Dipterol, Ralon, Asebon, Asepsolete, Sumifen and Clinic. This acquisition was a logical sequence of investments in the development of new products, improvement of production and the overall development of Magdis Group operations on both domestic and foreign market.

Neva products are developed in our own laboratories, which were the first in Croatia to introduce an integrated environmental management system ISO 9001/2000/ISO 14001.  Neva's brands won numerous national and international awards for quality and innovation, such as Product of the Year 2019 (Plidenta Bio toothpastes), Cosmo Beauty Awards (Neva 1918 and Melem Sun collection), Value4Money (Melem and Plidenta), Superbrands (Plidenta and Melem), Cropak (Plidenta), BBC Design Award (Rosal), Inpex (Melem and Rosal). Melem is one of the first holders of the right to use trademarks Originally Croatian.













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